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01.30.2021-Saturday…We visit Abby and Michael

I mention Abby and her life partner, Michael, from time to time in my blogs, and now more about this beautiful couple. As you can see from the picture, Yes, Abby cooks! She and Michael treated us to an excellent meal of chicken and broccoli. I actually helped a bit. What she needs is a potato masher but even without this implement the potatoes came out fine. I wasn’t just showing off, I do help even in our very small kitchen when Carla permits.

We did have a purpose for our visit, infant stuff. We learned, as we left that afternoon that they have been receiving gifts from many of their friends and family as well. Nonetheless, we can all remember back, for me over fifty years, how challenging those early family years can be.

The one thing about infants is that they outgrow their infant cloths faster than we realize.  We’ve watched Michael and Abby grow over the last 5-6 years and they look happier year after year.

Spit-up bibs are a dime a dozen, which is about how many bibs and infant can go through in a day, some days. Just confirmed from Carla that if Abby is our surrogate grand-daughter their little girl, yes girl, will be our surrogate great-grand-daughter, I like that. This gives me a second chance. I should have been a better father than provider when my kids were younger but I missed that boat. My kids both decided against kids so hopefully, with permission from Abby and Michael, I might have a chance to make up for my mistakes of my past.

Above it’s cloths, cloths everywhere, but I’m sure they’ll be outgrown very soon. Below is just the beginning of this little girl’s library. Both the kids are very smart so I’m sure the little-one will be as well. Our many years in the child-care industry enlightened us in many areas, so we know “reading” must be an integral part the first three years of her life. This first book to her life-library was one about life-“EVERONE POOPS.” We intend to broaden her library selection in the months and years to come. Any ideas out there please e-mail me.

What a great afternoon we had this day. Great company, a delicious meal and a great deal more information on the coming birth.

I’ll have much more to write from now on.

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