Visit Connie and Sharon

04.22.2021- We visit with Connie and Sharon


Connie is family on Carlas’ side. They started part-time RVing a view years ago and are now on their third (I think) RV. Like many RVers they RV about 4-6 months each year. Each year they seem to get a little more aggressive in their vacation plans.



They travel in a coach and tow a smart car so when we get together I am compelled to try to uncover the back seat in the HHR. It never dissapoints, eventually I did redistribute all our junk and found the back seat…Awesome!



Today the girls wanted to expose us to The Taylor Cafe in West Jupiter, FL. The staff was excellent and the food was even better. It was an excellent place to talk and catch up on years past. The cafe grows a good amount of their herbs and vegetables. Below (right) is a picture of their RV. (Forgot the name-Entegra I think). It’s a C-Class style of RV.



Above are a couple of pictures of the inside of their RV. It was so surprisingly roomy, I was very impressed. This would make an ideal RV for a single camper, so spacious. They introduced us to their Food Ninja Air Fryer. After you finish using it, it folds up and you have your counter space back. Below (left) is Willow. The three of them travel very comfortably for quite a few months each year. Below is a closs-up picture of Connie and Sharon. They both enjoy “Diamond Painting” in their spare time.


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