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you need.
NOT the need to have EVERYTHING.

RV, and be free. Only HOUSELESS never HOMELESS.

o1.29.2021-Resting comfortably at Thousand Trails Orlando-New Section.

The New Section consists of over 160 new RV sites all with 50-amp electricity. Access to satellite, for TV viewing, is excellent. On this stay our site comes with real estate.

For those who are not campers having easy access to utilities is a given in this section. Hook-ups are all about six-feet from your RV which is exactly where it should be. We can only hope to be lucky to revisit this section on future stays.

2.25.2021-Thursday- New friends
I would like to thank Stacey, wife of Joe who we have just met, who took this picture at the top of the blog featuring a balloonist really far, far away. This is also a very good picture of exactly how nice this NEW section of TTO really is.

This couple had the good luck of beginning their living full-time, this year. It will get better, we all know that. Above is a picture of their Motorhome, a Valencia Renegade. If our coach was a VW theirs is a Jaguar. This is full-timing first class. They’re very nice to talk to as well and will have so many more years to enjoy this lifestyle than we will.  It’s so much fun discussing places we’ve seen and campgrounds we’ve experienced to others. For newbies they’ve been around, quite a bit actually, before Covid had set in. They’re leaving in a few days and us about a week later. I hope we have the luck to cross paths with them in the future.

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