Tripping to Albany, OR*

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May 2nd Green River, UT at KOA Campground x4 nights (159m)
May 6th Heber, UT Mountain Valley RVR (2 lay-overs) x7n (234m)
May 16th Bend, OR TT (Overnights and stays TBD) (654m)(x7n)
June 5th Whaler’s Rest in Newport, OR.
June 26th Pacific City, OR @ Cloverdale RVP (T3 x14n)
July 16th Portland, OR @ Columbia River RVP (PPx2n)
July 18th Welch’s, OR @ Mt Hood (T3 x12n)
Time to travel East

6.13.19-Thursday-Traveling to Albany, OR

We were comfortably cruising through the countryside admiring the beauty and size of the evergreens banking each side of this road. 

Then out of no-where came the Detroit River, if I recall correctly. We are traveling through the town of Detroit, OR.

Now it’s a serious babbling brook.


And before we realized it, the babbling brook turned into the Detroit Reservoir. It’s kept in check with a dam in the foreground.

A few miles down the road we continue to enjoy the Detroit River. In the picture below the river, once again, is kept under control by another man-made dam.


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