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01.13.2020 Monday-PDF Blog, Travel, Connie & Pincher’s
The trip to Ft.Meyers took about four hours and thankfully was uneventful. The city and those around it  have changed so much. Apartment buildings and single family homes are popping up all over. The campground is one of the oldest but very nicely maintained. All the camp road ways are paved but are very narrow. They do provide assistance to newcomers which we took advantage of. We made it to our site without a scratch.

By mid-afternoon Connie and Sharon, family of Carla’s were visiting us in the coach. We had a delightful meeting with them who were also RVers camping nearby. We must have talked ourselves hungry so we opted to visit Pincher’s Seafood Restaurant. Our server, Britt, was delightful and very knowledgeable. she was great in helping Carla with her “carbohydrate-free” meal. We also enjoyed an awesome sunset over the water, made possible since we’re on the Gulf-coast of Florida. I haven’t even mentioned the calamari appetizer. It was a bountiful dish and we made short work of it. After returning from Pincher’s I finished the PDF conversion of the 2019 blogs and journals.

 Please check it out by clicking on: goto Monthly Directory Page

By clicking on this link will take you to a directory of 2019 travel destinations by month. All the blogs for that month are contained in this PDF format. I like it and welcome comments. It’s a very clean format with no chance of losing pictures or even having them get dislodged. Once you get to the Directory Page you’ll need to click on the month of your choosing then click on the file address. The PDF will open instantaneously.
Leave comments on what you think of it.

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