2019-Tour Comes to an end.

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HAPPINESS is to have EVERYTHING, you need.

NOT the need to have EVERYTHING.

10.26.2019-2019 Tour comes to an end.

We are ending the tipping about two weeks early. We cut short our stay at The Oaks in Yemassee, SC. Guess we we’re just getting tired of traveling. The campground was OK but not great. Wi-Fi left much to be desired but TV reception was the pits. We were imbedded in tall Oaks (what else!), but they did offer cable. The cable was the pits, always buffering; you know that little red arrow that keeps going round and round. So we stayed there only one night. Shortly after leaving the campground, a little south of  Yemassee, we saw the Ridgeland water tower. Abby can relate to that. It was our four and one-half hour marker indicating the half-way point between Maggie Valley and Titusville. Since we were only going as far as Port-Orange, FL the trip was even shorter. We decided to make ourselves comfortable and go all the way to Florida. We arrived in Port Orange around 3:30 which as OK with me, no more traveling for awhile.

We’re staying at the Rosebay RV Park. We’ve stayed here before, it offers everything.

Our tripping, this year, began right after New Years. Since then we stayed and enjoyed 23 different states, 18,100 miles of US highways, 283 enchanted evenings, for the most part, and 28 new campgrounds in those 23 states.

For now and the next few months we will spend our time with family. Carla’s sister, Mary Ann, lives in Port Orange and with my brother, Dennis, now living in Boynton Beach, FL. We will also be spending quality time with Doctor visits and, I’m sure, possibly more tests. Hopefully in three-years the Doctor part will be less intensive than this and last year’s. Things we’re looking forward to will be Thanksgiving, Christmas and the Christmas Boat Parade at Dennis’. Most, if not all the, entries from now until we leave again will be in the Journal pages only, since the blogs are mostly related to new experiences. For now we sit in Air Conditioned comfort with 84 degrees outside and 89 percent humidity, remising about Oregon and its cool temps.

You’ll never feel you have enough money to retire,
however, once you feel you have enough money,
will you have enough time?

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