Tillamook Creamery

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7.20.2019-Tillimook Creamery in Tillamook, OR






This is the Tillamook Creamery. It is located in, where else but, Tillamook, OR. Every year this museum/creamery is viewed by over 1.3-million people.






Everyone touring this complex will go home with a great admiration on the Tillamook attitude towards farming and cattle in particular. For us city folks we’ll learn how intense caring for cattle is on a daily basis. I lost the picture I had of a mechanical scratching wheel designed for the pleasure of the cattle they care for.






As you walk through this self-guided tour you will be taught the process of making cheese. This learning process is presented in pictures, kiosks and videos.
In our travels what we see, more than anything else, are farms. We both have a great deal of admiration for all those farmers who take so much pride in the areas where their cattle feed and live each day. Sadly so many times we see cattle meandering around in twelve inches of mud. It probably makes no difference in the milk they produce but in all fairness, with all the land most cattle farmers have, they should have more consideration for their animals.






The Tillamook Factory produces more than 170,000 pounds of cheese each day. It also produces and makes available over one-million pounds of cheese to be sold to the public each week.

Above is the Octopus. Tillamook cheese is aged in forty-pound-cubes for periods of 60 days to, as many as, five-years. Up to fifty-million pounds of cheese is stored and aged at this location on average.


Above is the tasting bar. Several flavors and types of Tillamook Cheese are available for consumer consumption in hopes you’ll not go home empty handed. At every venue you’ll almost always find an eatery and a gift shop. This eatery is huge offering items from burgers to ice cream to its guests.






Our trip here was very exciting and educational. If you’re in the area take time to visit this location.

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