The Multnomah Falls

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7.30 2019-We visit Multnomah Falls






Multnomah is pronounced-Malt-no-ma. Regardless of how you pronounce it over two-million people visit this venue annually. Above, to the right, is the Columbia River. Below is the visitor center, restaurant and gift shop and more importantly restrooms. Also below is a far-away shot of the falls.






Above is a beautiful shot of the grounds leading up to the falls. Below on the left is the new bridge that spans the falls. The left is the original bridge made of logs; not sure when it was replaced.






It is very difficult to see, you might have to enlarge the photo, but half way up the hill you can see individuals climbing to the top of the falls. This waterfall is the second tallest in North America at 620 feet. Number one is in the Mount Rainier area and is a two-DAY hike to visit this fall, so very few have seen it.

In the past visitors arrived here by¬† boat train and even a raft. There’s always a gift shop.


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