Surviving obstacles


I have no idea where the last two months have gone. For so long we were all fighting to survive the Covid pandemic. Then, Just as shots were available and we got ours, my brother past away. Our coach has been ailing for the last year. It’s only $500 here and $1000 there but always something. At the time we came down here to visit with Dennis, bdfore he had his second stroke, our primary slide died, folowed by its control panel. The slide died because it was hydraulic and instead of just having one noticeabled leak the entire system was deteriorating. The lines are fifteen years old and are just pourous in many locations. Just prior to that the toppers (those are awnings that cover the slide when they are out) had both been in despicable condition so we them replaced, just another $1000. They were bad enough that it was letting water in unless we kept the slide closed. Keeping it closed was easy since it dead in its tracks.

I’ve often mentioned that the Suncruiser was all I would require, but I never invisioned so many major defects all at one time. All this plus coping with Dennis’ demise was pushing us both up against the wall. As a result we began Googling used RVs for sale. What we found was very nice, and thanks to Dennis, affordable. I talk more about it in my blog on our “Journey RV”. Without Dennis’ help we, most likely, would have still traded but for a much more modest motorhome.

Our goal was to hopefully be able to leave Florida by mid-June. Between lawyers and¬† Realtors that’s beginning to look like a fantasy. Hopefully the condo should close¬† by end of month, the attorneys don’t think so. For the third time, we must begin thinking about possible changing our reservations for the 2021 tripping season. Resolving Dennis’ Estate is still our primary objective; our attorneys say this might take months-but we’re trying to stay upbeat.

Just today we can say; all our stuff has found a place in the Journey. It may not be exactly the right palce and we are still hunting down stuff we know we have…somewhere!

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