Sumter Oaks RVP

is to have EVERYTHING,
you need.
NOT the need to have EVERYTHING.


02.15.2020-Sumter Oaks RVP in Bushnell, FL

Our trip here was nothing to brag about. The total distance was about twenty-six miles. We did pick up some fuel so it took us a little over an hour to make the trip.

This campground is a first for us. We have recently joined Escapees, and this is  one of their campgrounds. Above is the clubhouse.

The clubhouse is used for everything involving a large group, like Bingo and/or cards.

You don’t find this to often, a room for Crafts and sewing.


Above again is another library and office with all the office toys one would need. Next is an Audio/Video room for DVD or TV watching with 6-8 Lazy-boy lounge chairs.

It’s always nice to find a pool table, one that is in decent shape.Outdoors are Shuffleboard and a community fire ring.

This is about all there is here to see. It’s only a ten-day stay but should I find more I’ll post it.

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