Resting today

6.12.21-Sat. we’re resting

To say the least the last two-months has felt like a never ending merry-go-round. Between Dennis’ estate, the condo, trading inthe Cruiser and buying the Journey, lawyers, Realtors, faxing and emailing, it just never stops. We were very fortunate that Dennis had left his estate and finances in such good order. It was still very challenging. We have absolutely nothing in Carla’s things to do list for today. Temperature outside is 94 but feels like 105. Temperature in the coach is a very comfortable 84 degrees. AC in a motorhome is not as efficient as in a real house. That might have to do with our 2-inches of insulation. The journey comes with 3 a/c units on the roof whereas the Cruiser was a tad bit smaller but came with one residential a/c in the lower storage area. The Journey is doing well, we’re not complaining. If the picture appears a little dark for such a bright and sunny day it’s because in a motorhome all shades must be drawn to assist the a/c and keep us
from being cooked.

In the  Journey Carla has her own washer and dryer. it is definitely for small loads only. The units are in the closet on the left of the picture, it’s a stackable unit. Gone are the days of paying 6 dollars for wash and drying. the bedroom is also finally all in one piece.





 We each have a hang-up closet and we also have two generous and very deep draws for all the non-hang-ups. We also have another TV as well. A third TV is located on the outside wall of the coach which, I’m certain, we’ll never use.



The bed is King size this time. Plenty of room for Scoots to stretch out each night at the foot of this bed.





Carla’s kitchen has everything the average family needs as far as a kitchen goes. In place of the old propane stove in the last coach, the Journey comes with an “induction” type of cooking element. Counter top is “Corian.” The Microwave above seems wider than what were used to but that might just be a illusion.

Last, but not least, is my office. I know, it’s a stretch, I never said a motorhome had everything one could want only everything one really needs. This is my first time adding to the blog from the Journey. The location is very good but I do need a bigger board atop the cabinet doors as a platform for my keyboard. I’ll have it altogether by the time I write next.

Stay tuned.

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