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is to have EVERYTHING,
you need.
NOT the need to have EVERYTHING.


01.08,2020-Wednesday-we’re still here!
As I mentioned on my 12/29 Journal entry, we’ve been fortunate to have celebrated several Christmas’s’ with good friends and family. What’s been happening with us? Long story short about 2 months ago, in preparation for our visit to my brother Dennis for Thanksgiving, I mixed up a batch of my Christmas Cookies. In my infinite wisdom I decided to skip the electric mixer and do it by hand; big mistake! The following day I awoke with a sore wrist. I just shrugged it off and took two Motrin in hopes it would go away; no such luck. It only got worse and worser. Yesterday I through in the towel and got an appointment with an Orthopedic Doctor to try to fix things. Up to that appointment time my pain level was at least an 8 and getting worse. Dr.Thomas was able to squeeze us in, knowing our lifestyles. First was a CT scan followed at 3 pm by an MRI. The verdict was that I would live but in some pain until it fixes itself some day, hopefully. Two or three things wrong with me but no tears, rips or anything fixable. Most notably was fluid in my marrow; I must have a leak someplace. To say the least it hurts to type, open cans, lift anything, sleep or even put on my socks. Just getting old. So, the blogs will contain shorter texts, not that I ever wrote that much to begin with, until things get better. In the meantime Carla and I continue to enjoy the cooler temperatures of Florida, upper sixties and low seventies, and she has to put up with my grumbling. We depart Wildwood, Three-Flags, on the 13th.




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