PUBLIX-Thank you for Mary Beth

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HAPPINESS is to have EVERYTHING, you need.
NOT the need to have EVERYTHING.


It was Saturday night before Christmas. Mass at Our Lady of Mercy Catholic Church had just ended and we found ourselves in the parking lot unable to get in our car since I left the keys in it. Then came Mary Beth. She saw my wife, Carla, with that look of despair on her face and offered to drive us back to our coach to pick up our back up set of car keys. It wasn’t that long a ride but we were very thankful for her offer. She’s an employee of Publix in Lighthouse Point. Florida. I am very certain if we had been parked next to an employee at Walmart we would still be by our car waiting for AAA to come to our rescue. She weill always be remembered as our Christmas Angel of 2019.

Thank you, once again , Mary Beth.

Paul and Carla Grenier

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