Petroglyphs and Carla’s Birthday*

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8.05.2019-Petroglyphs of Celebration Park in Melba, ID.







The Petroglyphs in these pictures are from Melba, ID. They are, however, found all over the country. The boulders found in this area date back over 15,000 years. The Petroglyph images go back to the 1300’s. Most pictures are primitive for the people living in this area at the time.












Exactly what these images portray no one is sure. The inhabitants of this area were, most likely, had no¬†knowledgeable of the Gregorian Calendar. Rocks exemplifying dots might have been the primitives trying to keep track of days, seasons or even marks indication each new arrival for that year. Below left is a star image and the mark in the 9 o’clock position is 0.06 degrees of true north but when the professionals calculate for shifts in the world crust the 9 o’clock marking is exactly focused on true north and is also aligned to the North Star called Polaris, the star you find at the tip of the Big Dipper that stays in the same position at all times.

DSC_0021.jpgK DSC_0027.jpgK











Above is a picture of Henry a Park Service Person. If it were not for him we would have gone home with a big feeling of disappointment concerning this trip. A quick look of the Snake River in this area. The inhabitants inhabiting this area centuries ago were not annual inhabitants. They would arrive in the late fall and leave the area in early spring. With no air conditioning yet, they had no incentive to endure the heat. Below left was a possible image of a sheep. The dots may be explained as their way to show shading on the animal, or possibly, a primitive method of keeping track of time.











This is a very dry area with the great option of the Snake River for irrigation. The road picture is just a depiction of how desolate and even boring traveling some of these Idaho roads. On a positive note for Idaho, their roads are in excellent condition. In our stay here I’ve seen only on major pothole.¬† Below is the 8000 Series Precision irrigation system. It delivers water to very dry land masses. It will pivot at the beginning and send water through the piping at the top of the unit to a distance of 2800 feet, almost a one-half mile in length. It then pivots in a semi-arch very slowly covering hundreds of acres of land.






Carla’s Birthday:
We did finally get home a little after 4pm. We both needed some time to unwind. For dinner we had the usual, a salad, followed by a 4-ounce cheesecake, in place of a small birthday cake and finally one of Carla’s favorite movies; SAVING MR. BANKS. This was a movie on the origins of Mary Poppins. No pictures this year, maybe next year. We will to a nice dinner once we find ourselves in a bigger city with more restaurants to choose from.



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