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April 28, 2019

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This text is taken from the St. George Catholic Church letter in St. George, UT.
In a very short and concise manor Fr. Picos has done a great job
in telling the story of Divine Mercy Sunday.


Jesus spoke to St. Maria Faustina and said, my daughter, speak to the world of my inexhaustible mercy. I desire that this feast be a refuge and a shelter for all souls, especially for poor sinners. The very debts of my mercy will be opened that day. I will poor out a sea of graces upon those souls that will approach me on this day.

A great gift from Jesus to you.

According to this great promise, Jesus is offering all souls a  chance for a new “Baptism” each year, giving everyone an opportunity to “wipe the soul clean.” If a soul taking advantage of this great gift in all sincerity and with proper contrition was to die after receiving Holy Communion, on the Feast of Mercy and before committing another sin, they would go immediately to heaven, without any time in Purgatory – regardless of past life.

The remarkable grace of the Feast of Mercy is also very much akin to the grace of Baptism.  The Sacramental grace of Baptism received by an adult is not only the removal of original sin but is also the forgiveness of all personal sins and any punishment due to them, so the soul cleansed on the Feast of Mercy is like the soul of one newly baptized in the promises mentioned, however, Christ joined the forgiveness of all sins and punishment to the Holy Communion received on the Feast of Mercy.

In other words so far as that matter is concerned He raised it (the Holy Communion on the Feast of Mercy) to the rank of a “second Baptism.”

To fittingly observe the Feast of Mercy it should be celebrated on the Sunday after Easter. This Novena begins on Good Friday, for 2019 it’s on April 19th.

The Feast should be preceded by a novena of Chaplets to the Divine Mercy beginning on Good Friday.  (Leaflets are available in churches). For the computer astute individuals you may goto:

Click here togo to the Divine Mercy Novena online

Most churches have a special Divine Mercy Mass scheduled for the Sunday after Easter, check or call the local parish church for more information.

Confession and Communion on that day (Mercy Sunday). Confession should be as close as possible to the Feast.

An Act of Mercy should take place, such as

Merciful Word- such as Forgiving and comforting.

Merciful Prayer- Prayers of Mercy for someone.

Merciful Deed- Any of the Corporal works of mercy (see below).

1. To feed the hungry;

2. to give drink to the thirsty;

3. to clothe the naked;

4. to harbor the homeless;

5. to visit the sick;

6. to visit the imprisoned;

7. to bury the dead.

“Everything we were, we carry with us. 
Everything we will be, is calling to us, 
from the roads not travelled yet." pjgrenier