Paul Ozdarski – Remembered!

It was Ash Wednesday in the early morning hours. The night was very cold but for Paul Ozdarski it would be his final night tethered to this earth. It was still dark when he experienced a gentle tap on is shoulder; “Come Paul it’s times to go.” “Go where!,” I’m sure he answered back; It’s time for your reward. “But can I say good-bye”, no need, time goes by fast above and they’ll be with you in the near future. 

Paul married Pat and had a very long life together. I wasn’t there but owning your own business and raising three kids can be taxing. I’m sure they had as many, if not more, stressful times in their lives than they could list. Unlike those in this generation, they hung in there no matter how rough it got.

Paul’s siblings were Carla and Mary Ann; Carla is to the left and Mary Ann further back on the right.

As I said they had three kids, Amy, Mark and Karen. Amy is hanging onto his neck on his right and Karen is on Mark’s left. I would give anything to have a family picture like the one above. 

Mark married Jodie and had Haley and Morgan.

Paul’s grandchildren, Mark and Jodie’s kids above, Haley and Morgan. Carla married me and gave me the privilege being a member of this closely knit family; that’s us below.

I’ve been told that prior to full admittance to one’s heavenly reward the angel will ask two questions of Paul.

1. Did you spread JOY to those you associated with while on earth?

2. Did you experience JOY during your stay on earth?

As to the first question, all that is necessary is to view a handful of pictures.


This may have been Mary Ann’s party at her cottage that year, but indirectly,
it was also a celebration to the well-lived life of Paul Ozdarski,
Patriarch of the Ozdarski family.

As to the second question it only takes a quick look at this final picture for the answer.


Rest now Paul, you’ve done well.


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