Newport, OR (Waterfront)*

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May 2nd Green River, UT at KOA Campground x4 nights (159m)
May 6th Heber, UT Mountain Valley RVR (2 lay-overs) x7n (234m)
May 16th Bend, OR TT (Overnights and stays TBD) (654m)(x7n)
June 5th Whaler’s Rest in Newport, OR.
June 26th Pacific City, OR @ Cloverdale RVP (T3 x14n)
July 16th Portland, OR @ Columbia River RVP (PPx2n)
July 18th Welch’s, OR @ Mt Hood (T3 x12n)

Aug. 7th  Butte, MT
Aug 10th Billings, MT
Aug.12th Wyoming somewhere find  RVP
Aug 14th Rapid City, SD
Aug 29th Forest City, IA

6.21.2019- Newport, OR







Newport is the largest city on the Central Oregon Coast with its remarkable history and rich cultural heritage.







Newport was originally inhabited by the Yacona Indians who had lived in the region for at least three thousand years before the arrival of the first Euro-American settlers. During the establishment of the Siletz Reservation in 1855, Yacona Indians were relocated.







Many of these pictures have been posted to give our Abby some additional food for thought.







This Historic Downtown is so comfortable. For me it takes first place for us to settle down to when the time comes for us getting off the road and hanging up the keys..

The 19th-century is a period when people who migrated from the different parts of the world discovered that Newport was a great destination for their businesses and prosperity.







The picture upper right is about a slightly curved piece of glass with a slit in the upper portion to insert a picture for viewing. Does anyone print out pictures anymore? Maybe that’s why these have been discounted 50% from $60 to around $30 each.






This is a resident kitten that’s a rescue cat. It took a lot for me to not bring it home with us. Although I don’t think the person holding the kitten would let it go.

In 1852, the schooner Juliet was stranded by storms on the Central Oregon Coast. Its captain and crew explored the bay and river and discovered oyster beds in Yaquina Bay. This great discovery and demand for oysters brought entrepreneurs and new settlers to the region. In 1863, two oyster companies were opened.











Above left are a string of glass blowing kilns. They hold classes for those who might want to learn the trade.

.In 1866, a former soldier, Sam Case built the first hotel in Newport at the northwest of the Yaquina Bay to help accommodate the greater number of tourists. The building was named Ocean House after one of the best hotels in Newport in Rhode Island.

(The bold and italics’ text has been taken from: PDX History-The Oregon Encyclopedia)







Had a chance to speak to the fisherman on this boat. Turns out the only reason he fishes is to keep his cat fed every day. He was fishing with no bait, and surprisingly, before we left him, he had caught a baby salmon.

. DSC_0049.jpgK











Sam Case continued with his mission of building houses and cottages. Later, on July 1868, he established the first post office where he became the first Newport postmaster. In 1868, the town was named Newport after a town in Rhode Island.
















The picture below right of the bridge leading into the historic district was, once again, for Abby to appreciate. Her art is centered around geometric shapes and patterns and I thought she’d get something from it.

DSC_0078.jpgK DSC_0079-1.jpgK












The picture lower right is weaving scarfs. She was nice enough to spend time with me explaining that she took a ten-week course in college to learn how to do this trade with many types of materials. Carla then came along and she had questions for her as well. So talented. These scarfs sell for sixty dollars each. Below left is a picture for the MacDougall’s our extended family. It’s a trade he’s been very involved with for several years now.











More pictures and items for Abby’s sake. I would bet she and Michael would fit in just fine in Newport.







The pictures below are those taken on our way into Newport. Out of order, I know, still trying to get a handle on the coding.






















Upper right; Carla is starting to get pretty corky on her picture taking abilities.


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