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This month’s Travel Plans:
14. March 4th Cottonwood, AZ at Verde Valley RVP (TT) x 14 nights 
15. March 18th Grand Canyon Village at GC Campground x 4 nights
16. March 22nd Las Vegas at Las Vegas TT Campground x 14 nights


3.16.2019-SATURDAY-TODAY WAS A 10.
Since not everyone reads the Journal entries, so I’m repeating this journal entry. We’ve been here and have enjoyed our stay but we have not had one great day till today. Tomorrow, Sunday, premises to be equally as nice. Today was 68 with no humidity, so I got the car washed and scrubbed all that Texas dirt off its skin. Tomorrow I hope to give the coach a quick wash as well. We leave on Monday, so Sun day is a pack-away for tanks and hoses. I am so tired of not having Wi-Fi at my beck and call. Last week, I forgot to mention, we added to our trip calendar. I haven’t had time to redo the map but it will go like this. We’ll go from Vegas to St. George, Utah, Kanda, UT, Salina, UT, Moab, UT, Heber,  then Bend, OR. In Oregon we hope to stay a small vacation there, about 3 weeks. Lastly will be Eugene, OR at Whalers’ Edge RVR. Whalers’ will take us to the end of June. Our next big jump will be Iowa, to visit family in Cedar rapids, IO, our route has yet to be determined.

“Everything we were, we carry with us. 
Everything we will be, is calling to us, 
from the roads not travelled yet." pjgrenier


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