Mt. Hood Village RVP

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7.19.2019-Mt. Hood Village RVP

In the above picture is typical of the last few miles of our drive here from Portland, OR. Once we left Portland it was one small town and another, mostly on 4-lane divided highways. Navigating small towns in a big bus does not make for a relaxing day but we made it without a scratch.

I definitely have nothing to complain about concerning this campground. The trip was only around fifty miles but we ended up taking almost two-hours to get here. They call it a village, rightfully so. This is also a Thousand Trails Encore Property; which means it’s a free stay. Our site is embedded in trees so tall they’re almost immeasurable. Just to recap Thousand Trails (TT). By joining TT you are a member in Equity LifeStyle Properties, offering all forms of camping, vacation get-always and rentals overseas. This campground is the best we’ve seen from TT. There are nicer properties but we enjoy the more rustic, back to nature venues.

This is our site and yes the coach is back there in the shadows. We also have a corner lot which means we possess real-estate. Even on the driver’s side of the coach we have and almost unobstructed view. This campground, unlike the Pacific City Encore,¬†looks like heaven. In this Village we have Wi-Fi, Verizon cell service, sewer, no satellite but we do have cable TV; Awesome! Everything you hoped Pacific would offer but did not get.

I’ll definitely have more to say on this in the days to come.

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