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8.01.2019 Preparing to travel
Can you believe, the end of another month. At the same time we’re preparing for our next move. I’ve pulled the tanks and filled the fresh water tank so we’re 90% ready to go. Our next destination is about 450 miles from here so we’ll be doing an Walmart overnight in Island City, OR our last time to experience this gorgeous state. We’ll leave Island City on Saturday and arrive in Mountain Home, ID for a 5-day stay. All I know about this will be an RPI resort and will cost us ten-dollars a night and they warn it’s dusty there, still cheap enough. We will leave Mountain Home on the 8th of August. During our stay we plan on experiencing more petroglyphs from the past. As hard as I’ve tried I’m still one-blog behind, but will make it happen soon. We said good-by to Dawn and Dick, a very young couple possibly in their early forties, in their Zephyr motorhome. It made our couch look like a classic from the past, but it’s home to us.

8.04.2019-Sunday-Would be wash day.
The washers and dryers here come in at $1.00 and $1.25 per load cheapest we’ve seen in months if ever. Does not mean that they’ll be fully dry but it’s cheap. I relocated some of my winter clothing to a closet chest below and found my bathing suit. Yes, swimming might be on tap later today. High 90’s today but the coach is almost cold inside. I really thought today was going to be one of those do-nothing days but out of thin air Carla asked if we could goto the pool here at Mountain Home RVPark. So off we went, expecting to do not more than waddle around and talk to each other but what a surprise. We had the pleasure to meet the Thorne family; so awesome to be young as they were.  Not only that but their son Chase visited this Web Site, something neither of my kids ever do, and left a comment. It will be a long time before we forget the pleasant visit we had with this family. When we got back to the coach who shows up but Chase and a family member. Chase had our Web Site on his tablet, something I did not have until I was 70. They all enjoyed Scoots and Scoots was nice enough, this time, not to run and hide from them. Thanks to this visit we now have a few more ideas on venues to visit while we work our way East and eventually back to Florida. For now it’s back to my Sudoku.



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