Mount Hood Ski Resort

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7.23.2019 Field trip to Mount Hood.

The Mount Hood Ski Resort is called Timberline. It’s elevation is at 8000 feet ASLĀ  whereas the mountain itself is at 11,235 feet ASL. It is categorized as a stratovolcano; in other words, it’s not a solid rock or a big pile of dirt. It’s formed through layers of ash and lava.






This picture of Carla and old Smokey was taken at the Zig Zag Ranger station, right Zig Zag, I don’t know why. As we were traveling to Mount Hood, there it was, in the middle of the road.






Mount Hood is a potentially “Active” volcano. It has erupted only three times in the last 1800 years and the chances of an substantial eruption in the next thirty years is negligible, but not ruled out. For all purposes it is considered to be potentially dormant. The last eruption took place about 200 years ago.Above is a picture of just a small portion of the parking for this lodge. To the right is a picture of the many ski slopes the mountain offers. Timberline is the only lodge that offers “year-round” skiing in America. The highest and longest ski trail would start at the 8000 foot elevation.






Indoor pictures of the lodge. Not shown in the pictures are hundreds of really healthy skiers both young and older carrying skies, sleds and snow boards. It’s enough for me to feel even older than I am.






Timberline is populated with apartment and condos all over the grounds. It’s a playground for the rich. As we were checking out our purchases a group of youngsters were paying cash for their items and they had more hundreds and fifties in their wallets than I could count.






From this elevation you can see forever almost. We missed the first set of waterfalls but caught the second group. Below are just a couple of shots of how beautiful this area is. Not sure when we’ll be back, but for sure we will return for a longer stay next time.



2 comments on “Mount Hood Ski Resort

  1. Elaine, we are both having a lot of fun, thank you for asking. It does get a little discouraging having to deal with repairs and maintenance issues, but then I shouldn’t talk after the repairs I’ve undergone health wise. What is so encouraging is when she’ll state, for no apparent reason, that she is really enjoying our life on the road.
    Please write back and give Carla your email address. She would like to touch base w you.
    Thanks for giving the site a read.

  2. Elaine Story says:

    So happy that you are enjoying life and our spectacular county. Hope you are both enjoying good health.

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