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10-13-2019-Archbishop Fulton J Sheen-As I’ve said before, it’s my blog and my platform.

I know, you’re saying there’s no such thing as a miraclelette; you’re right! For me that would be a small miracle. And you’re saying he’s getting back into the pulpit again, possibly. So there’s no need for many to read any further.

About a month ago I talked Carla into buying a 3-gallon empty bottle at Walmart. We drink only Walmart or filtered water, from one of those water-dispensing machines. Best buy for the best water about thirty-seven cents a gallon. To get back. Once we got home I began filling the one-gallon bottle in the refrigerator. It only took a few seconds and I knew I’d aggravated a shoulder tendon just like I did a couple of years ago. I knew a cortisone short would fix it so I wasn’t as concerned as I was the first time. So I decided to suffer quietly, telling Carla we would be sticking with the one-gallon bottles as before. The pain, though tolerable, began as a three on the ever loving pain meter but rose to a five or six in very little time. But I was hoping it would just go away. Within a couple of weeks I was conservatively up to a seven or eight, to the point it was painful to make corners when driving in the coach. But suffer I continued still hoping for the best.

One of our field trips a couple of weeks ago was to the Bishop Sheen Museum and the Cathedral of St Mary of the Immaculate Conception. I was thinking back on that trip as I uncomfortable rested in bed about a week ago and could not help remembering the feeling I had as I approached the resting place of Archbishop Sheen at the foot of the alter of the blessed Virgin on the left side of the main Alter. At the time I didn’t give much thought about the visit. When I was a pre-teen the family would never miss an episode of his on television. But getting back to my pain…

I was just lying there and I was going to go back to my St. Jude to help me with this pain, even though I knew a simple shot would rid me of it. He’s always come through for me in the past but  that’s another story or stories. Just then a simple thought crossed my mind, how about asking Bishop Sheen for some help. No! He’s not a saint, at least not yet. So, in a very informal prayer,  unlike St Jude, I made a pitch for his help. Actually, as with St. Jude they themselves don’t grant the answer to prayers, but rather, they intercede to Him for the person in need of help. Knowing that Bishop Sheen wasn’t a saint I kept my request simple. I would be very happy if he would, at least, rid me of most of my discomfort. I just did not want to push the edge of the envelop by asking more than necessary. That was about a week ago. For some reason about three days ago I remembered the prayer as I was refilling our drinking bottles for the evening. The pain was no longer with me. Actually it hadn’t been with me for a couple of days now. 

I’m the first to admit this granted request does not fall into the categories of making the cripple walk and the blind see, but if you have a pain and it goes away it’s worth mentioning.

Once again I will now return to my seat and leave the pulpit and let you ponder on this episode for yourself. Thank you for patiently reading through the essay.


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however, once you feel you have enough money,
will you have enough time?

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