Miracle of the missing Rosary



The Miracle of the missing Rosary Beads

To be technical this incident was both a minor miracle and a “sign.” To me, however, it felt like a miracle.

This story actually began yesterday, Tuesday Oct 22, 2019. Yesterday, as many families do, Carla and I will say the Rosary, usually between 12 and 3pm. No, the time has no significance. By this time we’re finally dressed, breakfast and lunch are out of the way and dishes have been washed. That Tuesday would be no different than many other day up to about 9PM that evening. After saying our Rosary, Carla will always keep hers on the desk by her lazy-boy chair.

I don’t have that luxury so I always bring mine back to our bedroom and place them on my work jeans by my bed. It’s a very small ledge that can only support the books I’m reading and my work jeans if folded into thirds so they won’t fall to the floor. So my Rosary should not accidentally fall to the floor I usually gently make a depression in these jeans and place my beads in this small pocket depression. Yesterday I did just that. Around 9:45, just before the Rachel Maddow Show ended we got ready for bed. I noticed my beads were not in the indentation I made earlier. Actually the indentation was not there either. I began looking for them to be assisted by Carla after I’d searched for about 15 minutes. I’ve been known to look for something and not thoroughly check the area that well. Both of us continued the search for almost thirty minutes, even using those little four-inch LED Flashlights, since lighting in a coach is not that intense. That night we finally gave up and we went to bed discouraged for not finding a very noticeable item in the limited living area the coach provides.

Since Sunday last I’ve been obsessing over a very heavy idea and was just asking, who else but Bishop Sheen, for a sign as to whether it would be OK for me to procrastinate possibly several years before looking into this idea. Hoping for a positive answer I left it to him to give me some type of sign that might indicate approval. NO! I was not expecting a burning bush even a vision, but I told him I would hopefully recognize it should something take place.

Getting back to the original story. We decided to leave for Yemassee today, the 23rd Wed., in place of doing the entire 280 mile trip on Thursday. This would give us a 150-mile trip today and a 130-mile trip on Thursday; the kind of trips I relish. To prepare for the trip some preparations must take place so that nothing will break since our home has the luxury of being in motion unlike a real house. The refrigerator has braces that go up to keep the food items inside in place from moving to much, small items on the desk and countertops are already on non-skid materials and other items like books, computers and shoes get thrown on the bed for safe keeping. Some of those items include the items on my bed-shelf; books, jeans and Rosary. This morning the shelf held only three books and one pair of old work jeans, so on the bed they went because anything would fly of this small shelf even if placed on non-skid material. Once again, the Rosary was nowhere to be found. I even went so far as to take my old jeans and stretch them out and re-fold them, to no avail. The shelf was bare. Even on the floor around the shelf and around the bed area, no beads. Once again the coach bounces around quite a bit, especially leaving a campground, so anything, especially and plastic and metal Rosary would surely hit the floor even as we just departed from our camp site. Campgrounds roadways are bumpy and contain many gravel depressions.

We arrived at our overnight destination, a Cracker Barrel in Columbia, South Carolina around 3:30 after being on the road since noon. We were both hungry so after parking the coach parallel to the outside perimeter curb, we extended the passenger side slide to have easier access to the bedroom.

We were just about to depart the coach to grab lunch when I noticed, sitting by itself, on the ledge with no barriers to keep them from falling on the floor and no non-skid material to keep them in place, did we see the Rosary beads. Anything on this shelf would have hit the floor within seconds of our starting the coach and departing our site. The trail from our site to the county road was about two-miles long and had many deep curves and angles to mandate that anything on this 8×16 inch shelf should never be sitting there awaiting to be found. There is just NO-WAY this item could have been there over the course of this trip.

The two pictures I’ve provided are, of course, staged. I had no idea this scenario was about to take place. As you can see in the picture just above, the beads or on the spot that was occupied by 4-5 books I’d been reading. This is the shelf that we made bare prior to beginning of trip to Columbia, SC. This shelf, even though it hasn’t been polished in months is as slippery as glass. Even the slightest turn by the coach would have sent the beads flying to the floor, yet we found them in that was made bare only four hours ago.

I feel satisfied that my query to Archbishop Fulton J Sheen was answered.

I have nothing else to add to this documentation.

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