Little Bighorn Battlefield

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8.12.2019-Little Battle of Little Bighorn battlefield

It was just a very short ride to the battlefield of Col Custer and Sitting Bull. This was a battle where Lt. Col George Custer was greatly outnumbered. The grounds here commemorate the valor of those involved in this battle.

8.12.2019-Custer State Park

Our visit to this battlefield, to me, was not a moving as, let’s say, Gettysburg. As always there’s always a gift shop.







I’m not even going to try to sum up this battle, most know of it, at least. A great site to visit to refresh your memory would be

The battle of Little BigHorn

As you know Custer was very much outnumbered, possibly 10:1. Above was our host, a former history teacher, who gave us a awesome recount of all the events that took place and several locations on June 25, 1876. Below is the spot that Custer’s bother, Boston Custer, fell.

The grave marker with black facing is the spot that Custer was found after the battle. Directly in frnt of him would be his other brother Captain T. W. Custer fell during the battle.

A memorial to all who fought and died, at the battle of Little Bighorn. Below was our starting point for this experience and the spot we were enlightened by our host the history teacher, now Ranger. This would be his next to last presentation prior to his retirement from the National Park Rangers.




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