Lava River Cave, Bend, OR

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5.28.19-Tuesday-Lava Land and Lava River Cave

Finally no rain, a beautiful day around 65 degrees.  The Lava River Cave is only a few miles from Lava Land. We really enjoy caves and caverns and this one should be one-of-kind and it was. I’ll have a blog on this as well.

Only a few minutes ago we were at the Lava Lands venue. Now we’re going underground; a lava river cave. Above we arrive and we’re properly dressed, we thought. Below our next experience always begin with our first steps. We begin by walking down probably fifty to sixty feet to the opening of the cave.

This section leading to the cave entrance was also part of this enclosed cave structure however the upper portion of this section collapsed into itself.

This should be an awesome experience. This cave and former canal we’ve been told is a mile in length. They’ve told us to allow about two hours for this trip. Below the opening  to the river cave. Did you know that back one-hundred-thousand years ago, more or less, the lava flowing through this cave would have reached over 2000 degrees F.

Ah!  The entrance. Yes, we just entered the river cave. To get to the cave bottom we’ll have to walk down 150 steps in total then we get to walk the cave. It’s getting very cold.

 Above is a metal walkway. This made me happy, I’m not very fond of walking over a rocky floor. The metal is ice-cold but the metal path is great. Below that’s ice on the rocky floor of the cave. From here we walk cautiously over the rocky floor, yes, the fancy metal walkway left us about one-hundred feet ago and we’re left with only a very cold metal rail for safety and balance, but that will soon change. Within a few minutes even this would leave us not to mention it is so dark in here you cannot see your hand even if it was touching your nose, and did I mention, it’s freezing.


Above is what we’ll be walking over, the rocky floor of the cave.

Ah, you say the metal walkway…NO! Once we passed the ice patch in the lost picture we also lost the assistance of the metal rail. This is now getting seriously dangerous so in the picture above you see us departing this venue. If it looks fairly bright in the picture above it’s because of a family of eight each with a light. We did about one-tenth of a mile but not much more, the walking was just to dangerous. Below, just as seeing the entrance in the beginning, seeing the entrance now gave us assurance that we would survive this ordeal. We would not recommend this outing to anyone especially a family with young children. If you should attempt this cave bring a very BIG and powerful light. One light for two individuals will not cut it. I was extremely disappointed with this experience.

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