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is to have EVERYTHING,
you need.
NOT the need to have EVERYTHING.

RV, and be free. Houseless not Homeless


We’ve moved along quite a bit this week. Most importantly are our travel plans. They now extend to July 02, 2020. The coach looks like brand new with the Diamond Shield now having been removed. A couple of days ago Scott Russell dropped by to say hi. Carla and I will be paying the family a visit in the next couple of hours. As of now our plans call for us having dinner at a local Texas Roadhouse this evening. Most importantly I have finished converting all the posts up to 2020 into the PDF format. These links can be found on the right hand column on the Web Site. In some cases these files may take a few seconds to download, but once downloaded they open up instantaneously. This PDF format produces a very clean-cut product and very easy to read. The best attribute of the PDF format is that the pictures will not move around nor will they fail to materialize.

I am giving an example of this PDF: 2014-RV Travel PDF FINAL 1.19  They’ve only been available for viewing for only a few days but they have received quite a few hits already. In the meantime we continue to view the Impeachment broadcasts.

01.27.2020-Monday-Carla continues to firm up our reservations
for 2020 and points North.

Spoke to my daughter Cheryl and we’ll try to meet up with her and husband Paul in May. It’s taken several months but all the PDFs for all our travels since 2014 are complete and I’m already having some hits on them. Yesterday we spent some time visiting the Russell’s especially since they’re just a stones throw from our site just to catch up and exchange travel stories. Shortly after visiting them we opted to take ourselves out to Texas Roadhouse for an early Dinner.As always the experience did not disappoint. Carla and I want to thank Cheryl and Paul for their Texas Roadhouse gift certificate again. We each had the 6-inch Filet but I had mine with shrimp; delicious! It’s hard to believe that our 2-week stay at Orlando Thousand Trails is coming to an end. Tomorrow, Tuesday, a day we normally would do tanks, won’t be the case.  We’re not sure, but, we think that Tropical Palms (TT) will not have a sewer option, so we’ll wait until Wednesday to pull tanks for a change.Are stay there is only for three-nights than off again, this time back to Wildwood, Three-Flags Thousand Trails Resort. After Three-Flags we try something new. We’ll head just North of Wildwood,FL to Bushnell RVP an Escapees Resort. We’ve just joined Escapees this year.

01.28.2020-Goodbyes to the Russell’s.
We continue to bump into friends, both new and old. We’ve kept in touch with Scott and Vanessa since the first day they began RVing full-time. Little Kora, now ten, will not be “little” much longer considering how fast she is growing.

Right now their plans are to stay at this campground possibly for the year, but it’s still up in the air. I have no doubt we’ll be running into them in the near future, or at least next year at this time. Today we work on the kitchen sink. Yea! Even RVs have sinks that can get clogged. Scott gave us a powdery substance, he says, works well, so we’ll give it a go. Today is our last day here, tomorrow we move to Tropical Palms RVP in Kissimmee, FL. This is a whopping ten-mile drive from here. This will be a short stay, four-nights, basically a gap-filler, to logistically allow us to get into Wildwood, Three-Flags RVP, once again.  With so many campers staying here from the North, not to mention Canada, we have to sometimes do these gap-fillers to make everything work. Once again, we try very much to stay for free whenever possible. 

01.29.2020-Wed,-TROPICAL PALMS, Kissimmee, FL
For a change we took on a 30 minute drive to this RVP. The trip was so short and quick we had to hang out at a local Lowe’s to kill about forty-five minutes to facilitate our arriving at the appropriate time of 1 PM.  By 2 pm we had found our site and are now looking to the skies for a possible shower. This is an Encore(ENC) and Trails Collection (TC) which means we stay duty free. The park is quite nice, the roads, however, are very narrow and do require patience and some skill while backing in to the sites. As we were told the resort provides 50-amp, cable, satellite availability but no sewer options except for a pump-out station in the park itself. 

01.31.2020- End of month again
We’re enjoying our last day at Tropical Palms. It’s been very relaxing but four days was enough. It was a free stay and I would not hesitate to re-visit this RVP again in the future. On a political note it look like Trump will dodge another bullet. It appears that it will be up to the populace to render a verdict now. Once it warms up a bit I’ll have to refill the fresh-water tank and that’s about it since none of  the sewer hoses are out. We closed out the month of January with a movie as usual. Anything was more relaxing than watching the Senate vote on the need for discovery and first hand witnesses, but that’s another story. The film we chose was Les Miserable. Without a doubt it is in the top-ten of our DVD library.

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