HHR Tires at Ocean Tires*

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May 2nd Green River, UT at KOA Campground x4 nights (159m).
May 6th Heber, UT Mountain Valley RVR (2 lay-overs) x7n (234m).
May 16th Bend, OR TT (Overnights and stays TBD) (654m)(x7n).
June 5th Whaler’s Rest in Newport, OR.
June 26th Pacific City, OR @ Cloverdale RVP (T3 x14n).
July 16th Portland, OR @ Columbia River RVP (PPx2n).
July 18th Welch’s, OR @ Mt Hood (T3 x12n).

Aug. 7th  Butte, MT
Aug 10th Billings, MT
Aug.12th Wyoming somewhere find  RVP
Aug 14th Rapid City, SD
Aug 29th Forest City, IA

06.26.19-Monday-Tires-at Ocean Tires

Well, hopefully we’ve lifted ourselves out of the flat-tire syndrome. We took ourselves to Ocean Tire, as recommended by our AAA guy, we asked for four Michelin tires for the HHR. We were told he could order them and have them come in the day we leave the area. He reminded us that they are very expensive. He had a recommendation and we listened. We ended up with four tires with sixty-thousand miles possible life-span. The price was much better than Michelins. The best part of the situation was yet to happen. The HHR has been pulling to the left for some time, so I assumed alignment, right! That’s what I thought. When we asked for an alignment he told us it would be a waist of money because the tire-rim on the right-side rear tire had sustained very slight dent and was not perfectly round and for that reason it would not allow a good alignment process. We asked him to use this rim for our spare and put the four new tires on the other rims. I was concerned that the damage to the rim would cause early wear to the tire on that rim, and he agreed. What I did not expect was that we had absolutely no pulling to the left as before and the car was driving in a perfectly straight line on its own. The damaged rim now sitting in the trunk must have been causing the car to feel as though it was out of alignment. It was then back to the coach and enjoy the rest of our day.
Only one more full day before we leave Newport but I am seriously in love with the area, we’ll be back again.


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