Here in Clermont for repairs


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11.07.2020-On hold here in Clermont for repairs
Our trip from Wildwood, Three Flags RV, to Clermont, FL, Orlando TT RVP, is generally a quiet and almost boring sixty-minute drive.

We we’re about half way to Clermont when we heard a bang in the coach about as loud as a “cherry-bomb” fire cracker on the 4th. We imediately looked back and headed the coach to the side of the highway. Our slide behind the drivers seat released and was hanging out about six-inches. Up to this time we had gone about two-years with absolutely no problems with the RV. We cautiously drove the coach to our next location in Clermont and gave Patrick Monahan a call in hopes he’ll be able to but us back together again. Long story short we had a “solonoid” die and created the problem; Thankfully it was nothing we might have done. The damaged solonoid also created a great deal of pressure on the “hook” that serves as a backup for such a situation. The hydrolic presure, about two-thousand PSI, of the slide also caused damage to that back-up system. The covid virus, we soon discovered, would create another problem. Getting parts takes an act of Congress because of the virus. Parts manufacturing has taken a beating with companies trying to get caught up and filling back-up orders. We we’re planning to leave in three-days but might be here for at least three weeks.

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