Haystack Rock, Pacific City, OR*

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7.12.2019-Cape Kiwanda or Haystack Rock

This is the beach in Pacific City. It’s known as Cape Kiwanda.





What the beach is really known for is the rock that sits within site of the beach area. This looks like just another rock sitting in the water but this rock is over one mile off the coast. On top of that it’s well over three-hundred feet in height.




This is a view of this beach town from the road approaching the beach. So much like Cape Cod.





Above, thanks to cropping, is a sand surfer. this is a very big mound of sand and must be steep enough to use it as

a surfing venue.DSC_0069.jpgK


Below is a boat. More specifically it’s a “Dory.” The Dory is configured to make it a boat which can handle the strong surf this beach has year-round.








7.12.2019-Pacific City, OR-

The biggest store in town was Chester’s’, about the size of a Walgreen Drug Store. I’m not knocking it. With what they’re charging the Chester’s are doing quite well. Corn at Walmart 5-for $2,00. Chester’s was having a special, 80-cents an ear down this week from $1.25 an ear last week. Doesn’t that inspire you to buy a 5-acre mini-farm and supply Chester’s every week! Below are pictures of the Pacific City Beach Area.






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