Harbor Lights Restaurant

is to have EVERYTHING,
you need.
NOT the need to have EVERYTHING.

02.14.2020-Valentines Day-Harbor Lights Restaurant

Sometimes a simple task of going out to Dinner may be difficult to achieve. Often times we find ourselves in a new town and even a new state. 

We were not supposed to arrive prior to 4 PM, but as usual,we were about twenty-minutes early. It was only about a twenty-minute drive from the campground. So, we decided to take a promenade around the grounds. Above your first impression might be to say, there must have been something nicer, but it gets better. Below is the back of the diner. Lush green grass and trees embellished with moss  from top to bottom.  

Harbor Light also provides a quaint walking bridge to bring you up to waters edge.

Inside, as you can see, is not sullied with big screen TVs and posters for beers of every type. Just a very simple down-home comfortable feeling. As I mentioned Ann was nice enough to accept our invitation to come out with us this evening. What we could not find were any harbor lights.

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