Grandview Camp & RV Park

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8.10.2019-Grandview Camp & RV Park
Welcome to Grandview. The view is not really that grand. This is one of those private parks. It’s also a Good Sam Park. These four days we pay the full price but we needed a resting place for four days before we can move on to Rapid City, SD.






This is not a very big park actually kind of small. I bet it’s a great little business. Upper left is the site plan for the park, we’re in #36. Below is what we always hope for, a wide entrance to the office. We’re also greeted by Smokey the Bear.











Upper right is the office; it’s in a state of renovation inside. As you can see in the lower left pic. What is nice about this rv park is a major fuel station on the other side of the road entrance to the park; how convenient. In its defense we do have cable, 50amp, satellite, sewer and very good Verizon phone reception. Everything we are always hoping for.

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