Fourth of July Eve*

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HAPPINESS is to have EVERYTHING, you need.
-NOT the need to have EVERYTHING.


I know the importance of this great day, it’s the 4th of July eve. It’s also the fourth anniversary of my mom’s passing. After four years it should only be a foot note in this journal, but I haven’t gotten there yet. As everyone knows only one person can be the driver of a car and there’s only one captain of a ship, in my mother’s case the responsibilities of her care and well-being fell on the shoulders of my brother Dennis. I know that Carla and I could have stopped gallivanting around the country and tried to help him and her but that would have been too many cooks in the kitchen. Dennis was the person, due to his proximity to where they both lived, to devote himself to her care, along with her caregivers. For that I will always be most appreciative for. On a relevant note I may be the only one, but I still wish to have had another hour with her, and for that matter, my father as well. Another hour to share tea and toast in the morning or just a chat on the porch. An hour to thank them and, most importantly, apologize for my shortcomings and ask for forgiveness. But as life would have it, we always feel there’ll be time the next time I visit.

Why this train of thought; just a word to any of my readers to take time, once or twice a year, and touch base with someone close to you. Don’t let time rob you of the luxury of mending a fence or two. It doesn’t have to be a parent, per se. We all have someone we’ve let slip though the cracks, someone we used to be close to and even someone you might have had a difference of opinion with. Don’t procrastinate, pick up the phone, or better still, pick up a pen and touch base the old-fashioned way; snail mail, and for heaven’s sake, don’t e-mail or text. If this personal dissertation reaches only one person to re-connect with someone in their past, then this posting has served its purpose. Mom and Dad, I Love you!


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