Fort Meyers,FL

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HAPPINESS is to have EVERYTHING, you need.
NOT the need to have EVERYTHING.

01-01-With the end of Journals, I have to consider using each blog for possibly multiple entries. Basically, I enjoyed the journals. They permitted me the option of  mundane notes to readers or just a quick insight into our comings and goings. 

01.02-Our objective this month is to plot out our destinations for 2020. Nothing concrete yet.

01.13-Monday-in Ft. Meyers. FL
We got an early start this morning in preparation for out trip to Golf Air RV Resort in Fort Meyers, FL. We were here no more than an hour when Carla made contact with Connie, a fellow RVer although part-time and family, to join us this later this afternoon. Our purpose for this trip here is to have the Diamond Shield removed from the front of the coach. We contacted him as well, but have not heard back from him yet. We were optimistic for satellite but that was not to be thanks to a tree intersecting the line of sight needed. The campground does offer cable but we haven’t figured it out yet. This might turn out to be a two-day stay for Carla and I to keep each other company.

01.13- Monday-PDF Blog, Travel and Connie
What a full day. In the morning we packed up and traveled to Ft. Meyers, FL. By mid-afternoon Connie and Sharon, family of Carla’s were visiting us in the coach and by evening I had finished transferring the 2019 blogs to PDF format.  The PDF format is so easy to read, but it does take a few seconds to DOWNLOAD. Currently PDF format is up and published for 2019 and 2018 years.







The Diamond Shield is off and above are a before and after view of the project. I’ve waited almost seven-years for this day,but it was well worth the wait.

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