Finally making plans


Partial 2021 travel schedule:

04.09.2021-Finally we’re beginning to make some plans
04.18-Lazy Days for two-days for minor repairs
04.20-Vero Beach staying at  TT
05.01.2021- John Prince park-Here to visit Dennis for a few days
05.03-Dennis’ Birthday
05.15.2021-West Springfield, Haymarket Farm 
05.22.2021-Laurel Lock RVP in Oakdale, CT visiting New London, CT.
05.28-Mohegan Sun Casino lot for 2 days.
05.31-Bernardston, Mass staying at Traveler’s Woods
06.14-Prowdy Beach RVP in Newport, VT-(14n)06.28
06.28-Crazy Horse RV in  Littleton, NH (14n)
The next 5 weeks are still undecided and open
08.16-Moody Beach, Maine (14n)
08.30-Thousand Trails in Rochester, MA. (21n)

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