Face Masks-reusable, washable

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We awoke this morning with not very  much to do. To his credit our beloved Governor finally issued a “Stay in Place” recommendation, not even an order, that I knew of. The last couple of days Carla has been investigating Personal Face Masks. If available they’re affordable if you buy fifty or more; other than that they’re quite a bit more expensive. We spoke about it and felt a more affordable option should be available to all of us. It also had to be washable and reusable.

Below is what she came up with. What we’ve created are also quite fashionable. 

Carla just noticed that one of the materials we have available has an RV pictured. Below is the beginning of the process to create a face mask. Cotton pieces of fabric must be measured and after that we iron-in a vapor-protection material. You will notice my ironing abilities. It takes both of us at least twenty-minutes to complete each mask. Before the final product is completed, each mask will be ironed at least four times.

Crating these facial masks is not a walk in the park. It’s time consuming, thankfully, since we have nothing but time on our hands. It also a family project. Below Carla does the critical work with her sewing machine. This activity allows us to contribute to the cause without chancing the probability of compounding the effort without chancing our getting sick  ourselves. 

After I have cut and ironed in the moisture barrier the item goes to Carla.

The moisture barrier is sandwiched between two pieces of cloth and now it’s time for Carla to stitch the three items to resemble a single piece of cloth.

Once she stitches the pieces of cloth together the unit then moves to me again to trim the corners and snip off any and all lose threads. Once I’ve finished cleaning up the product I do an inside-out bringing the insides out. Then I iron-out the product in preparation for Carla to create the pleats and pin them in temporarily. The next step is for me to iron the product once again, that is the pleats, dodging the pins. then I pass it back to Carla. Below is the next step. Carla will re-stitch the perimeter of the mask but then removes the pins and re-stitches the sides of the mask; that is, to double or triple stitch the pleats..

Above and below are just two samples of what we’re producing. As we build more product I’ll be showing them off as well. 

The product then goes back to me to once-again iron out the mask  to create the final product. This mask is well-worth the $5.00 we’re charging.

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