Dinner with Dwight

is to have EVERYTHING,
you need.
NOT the need to have EVERYTHING.


02.24.2020-Monday-Dinner with Dwight

I’ve mentioned Dwight in the past. It was our pleasure to meet up with him, and his traveling cat companion, Dennis, now deceased, on our Alaskan Tour back in 2016. Dwight acquired a new coach last year and is making plans for traveling this year. Did I forget to mention that Dwight is ninety-years-old. Like all of us over seventy, he too has a medical problem or two. 

Upper left is a quick picture of the two-bedroom home he has in New Port Richie in Florida. His home has a beautiful floor plan which looks and feels much bigger than it really is. His two sons live nearby which is nice. This was our first time to this area. Needless to say, like all of Florida, it’s building like there’s no tomorrow.

The high spot of the day was his choice for an eatery. The Thai Bistro in New Port. The food and service was excellent, especially the calamari. The visit went by so quickly. We continue to keep in touch with him, not as mush as we should, and our happy to hear the different venues he’s gone to, even some that we’ve visited as well. It took us about an hour to travel each way and by the time we got home again it was time to feed Scoots. I treated myself to a fifteen-minute siesta before a light dinner.

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