TT-Thousand Trails
CB-Cracker Barrel
EP-Encore Parks-Part of TT 
TC-Trails Connections part of TT and
RPI-Resort Parks Int’l
PP-Private Park State Parks
EKP -Escapee RVParks


2021 Travel Schedule
04.09.2021-Finally we’re beginning to make some plans
04.18-Lazy Days for two-days for minor repairs
04.20-Vero Beach staying at TT
05.01.2021- John Prince park-Here to visit Dennis for a few days
05.03-Dennis’ Birthday
05.15.2021-West Springfield, Haymarket Farm
05.22.2021-Laurel Lock RVP in Oakdale, CT visiting New London, CT.
05.28-Mohegan Sun Casino lot for 2 days.
05.31-Bernardston, Mass staying at Traveler’s Woods
06.14-Prowdy Beach RVP in Newport, VT-(14n)06.28
06.28-Crazy Horse RV in Littleton, NH (14n)
The next 5 weeks are still undecided and open
08.16-Moody Beach, Maine (14n)
08.30-Thousand Trails in Rochester, MA. (21n)


2020 Travel Schedule

Below was our projected travel schedule, wow! did we come up short. We never left our January 1 RVP. We will continue bouncing between Orlando and Wildwood for all of 2020 because of the Virus.








01.01-Wildwood, FL at 3-Flags TT RVP
01.13-Pompano, FL at Gulf View TT RVP
01.15-Clermont, FL Orlando TT RVP
01.29-Pompano, FL at Tropical Palms TT RVP
02.01-Wildwood, FL at Wildwood TT RVP
02.15-Sumter, FL at Bushnell SKPs RVP
03.01-Wildwood, FL at Three-Flags TT RVP
Beginning in March hunker down in place is a way of life.
We will alternate between Three Flags in Wildwood and 
Orlando in Clermont, FL.
10.01-Wildwood,FL at Three Flags RVP
10.07-Clermont, FL at Orlando TT RVP
10.14-Wildwood at Three Flags RVP
11.04-Clermont. FL at Orlando TT RVP
11.11-Wildwood, FL at Three Flags RVP
12.02-Clermont, FL at Orlando TT RVP
12.16-Wildwood at Three Flags RVP









Jan. 14th Lake City, FL – First travel day of 2019 (147m)
Jan. 16th Robertsdale, AL – Wilderness RVP (RPI) x 2n (165m)
Jan. 20th Willis, TX at Lake Conroe (TT) RVP x 12 nights (188m)
Feb. 2nd Lakehills, TX at Medina Lake RVR (TT) x13n (182m)
Feb. 18th Benson, AZ at Valley Vista RVR(T3) x13 nights(73m)
March 4th Cottonwood, AZ at Verde Valley RVP (TT) x14n 
March 18th Grand Canyon Village at GC Campground for 4 nights
March 22nd Las Vegas at Las Vegas TT Campground for 14 nights
April 5th St. George, Utah (119m) x13 nights (119m)
April 19th Kanab, UT at Crazy Horse RVP (80m)x7 nights (80m)
April 26th Salina, UT at RPI RVP(163m) x7 nights (163m)
May 2nd Moab, UT at KOA Campground (159m)x4 nights (159m)
May 6th Heber, UT Mountain Valley RVR (x7n) 234m
May 16th Bend, OR (2 Overnights (654m)(x28n)
June 13th Whaler’s Rest in Newport, OR.(TTx14n)
June 26th Pacific City, OR @ Cloverdale RVP (T3 x14n)
July 16th Portland, OR @ Columbia River RVP (PPx2n)
July 18th Welch’s, OR @ Mt Hood (T3 x12n)
Aug. 3rd Mountain Home, ID (TCx5n) (250m)
Aug. 10th Hardin, MT (RPIx4n)(500m)
Aug 14th Rapid City, SD (PPx14n) (TC)
Aug 29th Forest City, IA (5nights)(525m)
Sept 3rd Cedar Rapids, IA (10 nights)(171m) Squaw Creek, IA State Park 
Sept. 18th Batesville, ID (239m) Indian Lakes RVP (TT)
Sept. 25th Park City, KY(381m) Diamond Caverns RVP (TT)
Oct. 10th Lenoir, NC (410m) Green Mountain RVP (TT)
Oct. 25th Yemassee, SC (269m) The Oaks of Point South (TT)
Nov 1st Port Orange, FL (277m) Rose Bay RVP (TC)
Nov. 5th Wildwood, FL (82m) Three Flags RVP (TT)
Nov. 26th Pompano, FL Breezy Hill RVP (TC)
Dec. 10th Christmas, FL Christmas RVP (Private)
Dec. 16th Pompano, FL Breezy Hill (TC)
Dec. 30th Wildwood, FL Three Flags RVP (TT)

year 2020
Jan. 13th, 2020- possibly Port Orange, FL
Jan. 27th, 2020- possibly Yessamee, SC

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  1. We’re getting closer to you. New projected travel locations as of today.

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    I was wishing we were having fish for dinner!

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