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8.15.2019-Coach needs fixes
We were up early for our 8am apt at Dakota Truck and Auto. It basically needed an it change and generator fix. The oil change is basic along with all the other fine points the technician will check. The generator has been acting funny. One we turn it on it goes well for about thirty minutes then goes off. The goes off part is what has concerned us. The oil filter in the engine, which fuels the generator, needed replacing. Item #2 was a new item. When we were bringing in the slide this morning the hydraulic fluid came gushing out. I could only imagine the worse. Dakota Truck recommended Adams, ISC, across the street. I was anticipating having to rebuild the hydraulic line gain or worse. Long story short it was a 2-bit “O-ring” atop the hydraulic fluid reservoir had disintegrated. We were out of there in sixty minutes.

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