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May 2nd Green River, UT at KOA Campground x4 nights (159m)
May 6th Heber, UT Mountain Valley RVR (2 lay-overs) x7n (234m)
May 16th Bend, OR TT (Overnights and stays TBD) (654m)(x7n)
June 5th Whaler’s Rest in Newport, OR.
June 26th Pacific City, OR @ Cloverdale RVP (T3 x14n)
July 16th Portland, OR @ Columbia River RVP (PPx2n)
July 18th Welch’s, OR @ Mt Hood (T3 x12n)

Aug. 7th  Butte, MT
Aug 10th Billings, MT
Aug.12th Wyoming somewhere find  RVP
Aug 14th Rapid City, SD
Aug 29th Forest City, IA


06.22.19-Comments are now “ON.”

I’ve been doing this journal since 2014 and you would think I would have it down pat by now, but I continue to learn. We were told by our Iowa family that they could not leave a comment. Could not figure out why no one left comments. Did a blog on “Comments.” I’ve never had any learning on creating and writing blogs. I’ve mostly learned through errors.

What the reader sees and does not see is as follows. Everyone sees the final public version of the blog. If, done right is neat, pictures are properly placed and misspelled words are at a minimum. Behind the public version is an authors version, which looks exactly like the public version except at the bottom is the word “edit.” This version allows me to see what the final public version will look like and, if something is not as I would like it to be, I can click on “edit” and it will bring me to the “worksheet” version directly behind the author’s version. This version is a barebones looking version of what the public version will look like. It basic black and white on a white background. It’s on this version that ninety-percent of the work is done. It’s very much like a “Word” document except NO color. This version, for the most part, could be ready to go public, but sometimes the text may not be as organized as I would like or the same for pictures. For this you go to the version behind the “author version” called the “text” version. On this page you see all the text you’ve added and the pictures are in “code” form. Little things like indentation is coded and can be moved around on this version unlike the other version. Lines and color are added on this version. You will not see the color except on the author or public version but it is there. The same for a line. What you see is <hr />. It looks harmless but does appear as a line on the other three version. So where am I going with this!

Behind the “text” version are dozens of pages of  “settings.”  One of these setting options asks “Allow people to post comments on new articles”. Turns out I never checked that box. It is now checked so it should work, I hope. There are dozens’ of pages and sub-categories allowing me and others to do or not do things to this blog. So I will continue to do my best and hope everyone will continue bringing “blog abnormalities” to my attention.

At present, in order for me to conserve “space” on this platform I’ve deleted and moved all the blogs and journals for the years 2014 to 2017 to the “Years Remembered (drop-down)” tab which can be found at the top of the page in every menu. These moved blogs don’t always read as well as they did since many of the pictures had to be deleted to save space on the platform.

Any questions please use the “comments” box and I’ll try to take care of it and remedy it if possible.

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