Coach looks like new!

o4.06.21-Coach is now looking like new.






 For the last five-years the coach has had a type of psoriasis just above the front windows. By no means is this unusual. The coach is now ninety-five-thousand miles old; that’s a lot of wind going over the top of this vehicle. On its own the problem will not fix itself, it would require a repaint over this area. That’s where SAM the painter comes in. He’s an independent professional. He starts early and will try to finish the job the same day, within reason.







Like all things, big and small, prep-work is essential.  Of the nine hours it took to complete the job seven were all about prep work. It’s getting pretty hot outside but still Sam carries on. Bbove and right is the first coat and an teasing of what the final product will look like.







I thought I’d be happy just getting this mess below cleaned up but now we have a virtually new RV.


Awesome! Doesn’t this look like a brand new coach? Well, almost brand new.




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