Clearbrook RVPark

is to have EVERYTHING,
you need.
NOT the need to have EVERYTHING.

03.12.2020-Clearbrook RV Park in Clermont, FL

First time visiting Clearbrook RVPark. This park has over 1600-sites. Most, and I mean most, are annuals; those RVers that have decided to remain in place and stop traveling. A good percentage of the sites have campground-homes; tiny home, about 400-square feet or less, but sturdier than an RV. Many others are just living permanently at the campground living in their RVs. As I’ve mentioned in the past, this is the living style of the future. Living in your RV is much more spacious, since the furnishings are keyed forĀ  the living space available. This viability is due to the inexpensive rents for the site you choose, usually about 400-$500 A MONTH. This rent usually includes water, electric and even cable. Property taxes, home Depot expenses are non-existent and insurance for a motorhome is minimal. Below you can see at once how tight the individual sites are.

This is a first for us and is, most likely, the reason why there are so many annuals living here. Below you see the daily activity at this RVPark; Golf! Yup!- there goes another happy golfer/camper. Our site is sitting right on the golf greens.

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