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9.23.2019-Circle Printing

The last six months I’ve been working diligently trying to convert all our Journal and Blog files for the last six years to Word.

Circle Printing is locally own and operated
by Jan & Monica Gunter for 7 years. Below is the forgotten member of this mom and pop team, Rusty, their dog. These folks do it right the first time every time which is probably why they do business from all corners of the country as far East as Maine.

Today I finished 2018 so it was off to the printer today. Circle Printing in Greensburg, IN, just outside of Batesville. Jan and his wife are making it happen for us in under 24 hours.

Circle Printing, 130 W Main St, Greensburg. IN 47240….812.663.7367

For more information go to







I don’t know about you but seldom do I ever find a company that will do what ever it takes to get my business. Mostly it’s a take it or leave it attitude from those big box stores. Circle Printing is a not that small a business and it’s a little congested but they make it happen as I wanted it to happen. On a thumb drive I gave him five-files containing over one-thousand pages of Journals and blogs, and all he did was smile and told me he should have my books ready by 3pm tomorrow. In fact he asked us to stay around while he downloaded the 2014 book and put it together so we would be certain to be happy.

I’m still working on 2019 and he volunteered that if I email it to him he’ll download it and bind it just like the other books he’s done and mail it off to us at whatever address we give him.

Wow! Business the old fashioned way.

You’ll never feel you have enough money to retire,
however, once you feel you have enough money,
will you have enough time?

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