Christmas with Mary Ann



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HAPPINESS is to have EVERYTHING, you need.
  NOT the need to have EVERYTHING.

12.16.2019-Christmas with Mary Ann in Port Orange, FL

.One of the gifts we gave her was a Worley Gig. I did not realize it required assembly.


. We never refuse a Texas Roadhouse gift certificate.



. Above a napkin holder in the shape of a cow; glad those days are over for us. Below Mary Ann opens a gift for her cat Charlie. This is one of those as seen on TV but is sold everywhere. A mechanical device built to tease and frustrate any well behaved cat.


. Mary Ann is a part-time Vermonter. She has a thing on Moose. I saw this in a thrift store. On the bottom it read “for store display only,” but it also had a price attached so the clerk rang it up for us.


Above Scoots just does not understand why she has to wait another week for her Christmas gifts.


You’ll never feel you have enough money to retire,
however, once you feel you have enough money,
will you have enough time?

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