Christmas Letter for 2019

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Christmas 2019

12.25.2019-As in every Christmas Letter Carla, I and Scoots hope this letter will find you and your family in good health and spirit. Our tripping, this year, began right after New Year’s. Since then we’ve stayed in 28 new campgrounds, viewed 23 different states, traveled 8,000 miles, and enjoyed 283 delightful evenings. The families are all doing well. Cheryl and Paul continue working and bringing up their family of two little dogs. Mike and Chandra this year took on the responsibilities and joy of a 25-foot sailboat and are members of the local yacht club in Quincy; I still miss the feel of an ocean mist when out on the water! Richard and Christine, still in Naples, continue making improvements to their home; I can identify with that activity. Dennis is well and enjoys his new home in Boynton Beach, FL. We’ll be joining him in the middle of December to enjoy the annual Christmas Boat Parade. On Carla’s side the Ozdarski clan, like all of us, continue to get older. Mark and Jodi’s girls as well. One in grad school now and the other is a teacher. Karen continues working for an insurance company and we know she’s secretly counting down her days to retirement. Paul & Pat continue to enjoy their family, especially the grandchildren. Mary Ann, Carla’s sister, continues to appreciate her Florida and Vermont homes. Abby & Michael are working together at Sea Ray Boats. Last, but not least, Scoots is hopeful in shedding a pound or two this year.

Carla and I concentrated on Arizona, Utah and Oregon. There’s always something new to experience. In February Carla practiced feeding the local Piebald Deer while I stayed in the coach and took pictures. Then off to Benson and visited the OK Corral in Tombstone. Later we spent time visiting Paul and Cindy, our former Director. They are and always have been like family to us. The Grand Canyon was next and before this stay was over, we enjoyed at least four snow falls.  In April we were in Utah for six-weeks and viewed the Mormon Tabernacle, genealogy and if it was there, we saw and experienced it. In May was Oregon, which was supposed to be just a drive through. We finally left Oregon in August, three-months later. Really enjoyed OR. Between the Sisters Rodeo, Mount Hood, Mt Angel Abbey and so much more; it never ended. In August we experienced the winds and rains of a tornado a dozen or so miles North of us in Billings. We buried ourselves under our mattress expecting the worse and praying for a safe outcome.  In September it was Illinois and we viewed the Archbishop Fulton J Sheen Museum and Immaculate Conception Cathedral. It would be great to try to list all the many locations and sights we’ve experienced but there are just too many. For the curious please go to our Web Site:

As in almost all our escapades we visit Don and Joyce in Iowa. Real Family are those who open their home to you to share a meal or two (or more with plenty of corn) and spend time together with their family as though we’d never left. We are thankful they are part of our extended family…Awesome!

As with last year we look back in retrospect, we’re both so thankful to Him for each month He grants us. Our lives continue to be very happy and healthy.

Carla, I and Scoots wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas

and a Safe, Healthy and Happy New Year

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