Boondocks Restaurant

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HAPPINESS is to have EVERYTHING, you need.
NOT the need to have EVERYTHING.

11.02.2019- Boondocks Restaurant

Not that many pictures of our dinner at Boondocks. This restaurant is located in Port Orange, FL. Back, a few years ago, Carla and I had a weekend retreat at Seabird Island only a few miles from the restaurant. Mary Ann lived at the Island full-time.

It’s not that we patronized the restaurant that often, , we’re not that well off, but we did go occasionally. The picture at the bottom is a fast action shot using a very fast camera and shutter speed but the action of the fish as thousands of them attacked a small portion of fish thrown into the water by someone eating who just wanted to see the speed at which the fish will go after anything edible.

The visit was excellent only to be surpassed by the delicious food we consumed. Hopefully next time we visit the East coast we’ll do this again.

You’ll never feel you have enough money to retire,
however, once you feel you have enough money,
will you have enough time?

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