A/C and Tire challenges



you need.
NOT the need to have EVERYTHING.

RV and be free. We’re only HOUSELESS never HOMELESS.

Just about 20-days ago we noticed the A/C unit in our coach was working but not doing much cooling. Our A/C unit concerns me from time to time. It still runs on Freon, a dinosaur product these days not to mention illegal as well. Second concern is the fact that it’s sixteen-years-old. My big fear has always been, once the Freon eats its way through the cooling coils we’d have to buy new. Our fans were doing a good job but not great so it was time to call Disantis A/C. Disantis sent Aaron to look over the problem. He belayed our worse fears. True the A/C was not working but now: Why! Further examination determined the control board had “passed away.” Aaron’s next concern was would there be a part available for the unit. Replacement parts are the biggest challenge in the industry. So many parts are manufactured in foreign countries. We were lucky. We got the last one on the shelf of his biggest distributor.

Yes! Scooty has her own personal fan, and she uses it generously. Carla and I envy her just lying there and soaking up all those breezes. However, we settled for enjoying our fan in our recliners. Back to the repair. The part was available and was shipped, only took five-days. It did arrive and Aaron came over and after one-hour he had the A/C unit running cold and strong. The A/C unit we have is one of the best. It’s actually a residential unit. To our relief Aaron put my fears to rest on Freon. Should the Freon fail, a modification can be done to this unit to adapt it to the Freon substitute. As always it will be expensive but much cheaper the buying a new $6000 unit.

About mid-month we began tracking down RV tires. The perfect match for our coach is a Michelin tire. The 23580R22.5 GXRV is the tire for our RV, hopefully if available. From the model number you can see it’s specific of RV use. I then was in the hospital for a couple of days with no solution on putting our hands on four of these tires. The next day, after my release, we had to acquire tires. Amazon had only eighteen left. The trouble with this model is that Michelin only make a limited supply to meet the needs of the RV industry annually. Logistically Amazon was great on price especially with free shipping. We’re having them delivered to Action Gator Tire for them to install the beginning of May. The cost of shipping was over 150 dollars a piece, so this was a big savings. Our tires still look great but the rule of thumb, for RVers, is to not push RV tires longer than seven-years.

Just after this was fixed I came down with symptoms that brought me to an Emergency care unit and they recommended that I go to the Orlando Health Hospital on the other side of town. I could do a blog on that experience by itself but it’s not worth the effort in typing it out. I was finally released and returned home thirty-six hours later. Carla and I have decided it was probably an electrolyte problem. So, it’ a little more exercise, additional banana (Vit K), iron and adding a good multi-vitamin to my diet. Hopefully I’ll be around a couple more years, God willing.

After resolving the tire problem we heard from Sam the Painter. Sam will be repainting the full cap over the front windshield. His problem is that he’s stuck in Georgia doing a big RV repaint job and it is raining every day. Sam is on hold until his schedule eases up. It should get done by May.

A small repair to the coach is also needed. This is still scheduled for April 19th for weather stripping and then to ready the coach for travelling again a oil change and radiator flush.

April 5th is our date to receive our second Covid-19 shot. Then wait two weeks and pray were safe to visit and co-mingle a bit. Carla and I have received our first Covid-19 vaccine. Dennis just received his first shot. By May 1st we’ll all be fully inoculated and by May 1st we’ll start our road trips for 2021 by spending a few days with Dennis. Then travel the East coast to visit family, finishing in Vermont where we’ll visit Mary Anne, Carla’s sister, for a few days. Beyond that is still up in the air.

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