7-2020 Random notes


you need.
NOT the need to have EVERYTHING.


A couple of weeks ago we traveled from 3-Flags in Clermont to Orlando. Shortly after we arrived we were subject to a very severe storm. Everyone got through it OK, especially the awnings.

.Below you can see what a very nice resort this park is.  At times the Wi-Fi is dimished but n average is good enough. We’re now going to the C-Section of this park.

We, like everyone else, must enjoy the views HE presents to us during these Covid-19 days. This sunset was one of  those vistas.


Scooty’s Birthday. Her gift were a couple of grass plants. She’s now nine-years old.

This day we were treated to a sky-writer. The clouds were challenging. It took a while but eventually the note was “Love U Jesus.”

Honestly thought this park would be much more crowded than this. Guests still come and go but the park is still about one-third empty. 

7.14.2020-30th Anniversary
Yes I remembered! We celebrate simply as travelers, but during these virus days we’ll just enjoy each other and treat ourselves to a 24 ounce Rib-Eye Steak to be followed with a healthy dish of Rocky-Road ice cream. It’s a simple life but still very enjoyable.


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