St. James CC

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St. James CC

St. James Catholic Church is located here in Forest City, just a few miles from the Winnebago Industries plant where we are staying for two more days. It’s very much like coming home again.

Very little changes, except the town, Forest City, does look like it’s going out of business. Many of the downtown storefronts have been vacated. Even the church has undergone some changes, like a new floor. Fr. Paul Lippstock is still there covering six local churches in the Forest City general area, a lot of traveling. We’ve spoken about him before.

He’s the priest who owns a Winnebago coach also. Often he’ll use the coach to take kids from the parish, not to mention a few adults as well, to enjoy a day off fishing or other experiences. Unlike the downtown area the church is pouring money in the form of improvements to the church. It’s hard to tell but a new floor has been added. I’ve never walked on anything like it before. It feels like a layer of form rubber. His homily was second to none. The gospel was about humility and wisdom and, as expected, he tied it in with the everyday parishioner. As I mentioned above, participating with this parish is so much like coming back home, that is, if we had a home. Sadly we won’t have the privilege of attending another service since we’ll be heading to Cedar Rapid, IA on Tuesday.


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