5. 2021 Random Notes


05.22.202-Back in my chair.

I’ve been away from the computer for far too long. So much has happen. Generlly they’re just insidental items that are boring to talk about at best. This time is different with the passing of my brother. Carla and I have been so busy these past couple of weeks.  The entire death with its “must-do’s,”  both before his death and folowing Dennis’ death have been very time-consuming. This is actually our first day with “nothing” that must be done. Dennis’ condo has finally been restored to its original looks, and it looks great. It’s so amazing how much we acquire and feel we need to carry on each day until death steps in, then people like Carla and I come and throw out just about everything, I’m confident, he felt he needed all this stuff to get through the week.

But someone has to do it. In so many stacks of papers and pictures, we got to know Dennis just a little more than we knew before. As of last Friday the job is finished and the condo has already been shown twice. It would be a great little home for us if it were not in Florida. Dennis’ attorney and our Realtor have now figuratively joined our family. It should not take very long to sell the condo but we do have to replace a rug in the master bedroom. Sorting out his assets and possessions might take a few weeks, we’ve been told, but it to will also come to pass eventually.

For us personally, we’re stuck in Florida, John Prince Park to be specific, in two respects. Dennis’ personal business and our coach has come down with a major repair. The  slide, of course, behind the drivers seat, died. Actually the entire slide system and leveling system is down; mostly due to old age. Newer morothomes, which we do not have, utilize electric motors to bring slides in and out and levelers up and down. We, on the other hand, have hydrolics. Our situation is that we continue to have a leak or a few leaks, so fine they’re hard to find. Trouble is that when the fluid leaks out, the system fails. We also have a control panel panel failure which probably failed because of the major leak. We hope to find out this week if the manufacturer, HWH in Iowa, will be nice enough to repair the panel. If not…I rather not think about it!

Today we’ve signed up for another 2-week extention to our stay. I only hope we can get under way by the end of June, but that might be optimistic.

More to come.


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