5-2020 Random Notes

you need.
NOT the need to have EVERYTHING.

Well, here we are- it is definitely beginning to feel like “Groundhog Day” is here to stay. I need a hobby. Jut like everyone else we get up in the morning and virtually repeat are same actions we’ve repeated for the last one-hundred days. Not complaining! I know of one-hundred thousand individuals who would gladly change places with me. The mask business has come to a slow down, which gives us one less endeavor to occupy ourselves. This is a “Cat in the Hat Day” with heavy rains coming down for at least the next another hour or two. It’s almost lunch time so eating always fills in the gaps nicely. Take care and continue to be safe.

05.01.2020-Travel day
It does not happen that often any more, at least not this year, but Carla and I still love the sound and feel of traveling, even if it’s only to a campground you know so well that the camp director and camp manager know you by sight and by our first names. Nonetheless, it’s still travelling. We’ve just spent six or seven weeks in Clermont/TT Orlando and that was way to long. It was necessary and we thank the staff and management of Thousand Trails for assuming a “Big Brother” mentality by closing it’s campgrounds from all outside possible people many of them might be virus infected. With our Cottage Industry” of making face masks for family and campers, not one person expressed any animosity towards TT for this decision. We were totally cut off from the outside world for those seven weeks and TT even extended the “stay closed” attitude for another week for those that wanted to stay at no additional fees. We were allowed to take the car or walk outside the campground acres, which few opted to do except for Walmart and pharmacies, and none of us died. The one draw back was taking tour coaches or trailer out of the campground property. You can leave but you will not be permitted to come back to this campground nor may you take your RV to any other TT property.
It irks me to see all those on TV marching in protest of the lock-down and insist on less restrictions: they deserve what they get for these actions. Their argument has been that those living in Nebraska, Michigan, Montana, Dakotas and many other states should not have to succumb to a lock-down. To all those I say tough! We’ll just sit here and watch the tested and death rates rise.
On a different note our trip today only took an hour. We left at 9:30, spent some time a Lazy Days for a coach check-up, the settled in at Three Flags and were enjoying a lunch at just after twelve-noon. We enjoyed a Sudoku puzzle then what do we do next. We turned on the tele and noticed there was a note at the bottom of the Dish Guide telling us we have free Showtime through May 3rd, so we checked out the Showtime programming. What a surprise! On one of their channels was “Back to the Future.” Once that ended a note on the screen was telling us that Back to the Future II would come on next…Awesome! After II was over another note appeared telling us to stay tuned for Back to the Future III. I hadn’t seen those flick since 1985 give of take, and it was a pleasure experiencing them once again. Sheltering at Home is not that hard to take.
Still enjoying our four-hundred-square-foot habitat on our slightly bigger campground site and not minding it at all. Life is Good.

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